Should footballers get paid more than doctors ?


Hi my name is Shoaib Elahi and I wanted to discuss this question which seems to occur quite often when I mention football.

Some people believe that footballers are paid too much money and all they do is run around on a field for 90 minutes. I believe that they deserve what they get paid, here’s why, one of the top leagues in the world is the Premier League and one of the best teams in the world is Manchester United (They are the best).

Manchester United charge around £40 per match day ticket, They have a capacity of 75,000 spectators. 40 multiplied by 75,000= £3,000,000, that’s the bare minimum ticket price. Then you can add the box seats which cost around £3,000 a seat. After all that you can add refreshments. E.g. if each person spends a fiver that’s another £375,000. That’s about £3.5 million from match day. Two games per week that’s £7,000,000. That covers the wages of most of the team, on top of all them zeros there’s money coming from sponsors such as Adidas and Chevrolet. Adidas give £75,000,000 a year. Soooooo many zeros. You get my point of why footballers deserve their wage. There is a tremendous amount of money going in to the football industry, therefore it’s only right that the superstars are paid well! I’ m not saying doctors should get paid the same amount, I’m saying that a person should earn the right amount in their role. Thanks for reading.

What are your thoughts ????

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